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grow wild: tarot cards


As an illustrator, my focus has been working on books that build social and emotional skills, creating artwork for all kinds of transitions, challenges and successes. I'm always looking for new ways to reflect the rich variety around us, so we have images to take back to examine in our inner world. I liked the idea of producing a new (but very old) way to connect with ourselves and others.


This set offers brief interpretations for an easy intro to Tarot card reading. Each of the age-old traits are distilled into a few words right on the card. Useful and beautiful for almost any age to contemplate our experiences.


After all, some of our thoughts are just lying around waiting for you to notice them. They are patiently waiting for us to finish the distractions that keep our minds busy. Some emotions are peeking out from under the rug. It’s their turn to run amuck and get some fresh air! So sit down with these cards and a cup of coffee, or a friend, or get your family together. Think and talk about joys, sorrows, challenges and dreams. Make plans. Check in with yourself and others. Reach out to the universe for answers. Let your soul out.  Grow Wild! 

Each set of 90 cards includes sample spreads and a tiny guide — $35

Grow Wild tarot, tarot cards, marieka heinlen
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